The Rockstar-Humility Matrix

The Rockstar-Humility Matrix

In a team small or large, all kinds of people work. Success of a team will depend on many factors but performance and humility would be key components. As we deep dive more into each quadrant of “ Rockstar-Humility” matrix we discover how choosing or dropping certain kind of people will drive the team for a long term success path.

Mini-Gods: These people are rare and precious like gold. If you manage to find them never….never let them go. These are the true rockstar performers who will not only give amazing results as individuals but raise the performance level of the team plus morale of the team.

When you see someone at peak of their job and still see them humble in the way they carry themselves or interact with people, you just admire and feel how lucky you are to be working alongside the humble rockstar a.k.a. “Mini Gods” of the team.

Troublesome Brilliant: These people are at peak of their performance but interacting with them in team meetings is quite painful, the team members are scared to ask questions or share ideas as they might be ridiculed by the slightest of smirks. These people will always let others know how stupid they are mostly in implied manner. Sometimes leader will ignore all these behaviors like an ostrich with head inside the ground, after all these people are too good at their jobs but this is a short term view. If you want to create the best team for long term get rid of the troublesome brilliant as the more they stay in the team more energy they will steal from the group.

Thumbs Down: These are people who might talk what world changing stuff they have done (bag full of lies) giving a false impression of their knowledge plus ability and additionally they will make sure they shot down other team members’ ideas & work due to their own insecurities. Well it is a no brainer, get rid of them ASAP before its too late. These people can be at any level in the organization, the more higher the level , the more damage they will do.

Work Horse: In the highly competitive world where slowly the mantra is turning to “ Good is not Good Enough” and excellence bar gets raised frequently one can just wonder what these people are doing in the team who we call “ Work Horse” they get the job done and they are humble, they built and keep the team spirit high. Point is: you would need them. Using a cricketing analogy: in world of Sachins & Sehwags you need the Dravids, also in the world of Kohlis & Pants you need the Rahanes. They are like fiber in your diet you might ignore them as nothing but in their absence they can create lot of trouble in your body.

In a nutshell: Find a few Mini Gods, stake them up with the workhorses and get rid of the thumbs down & troublesome brilliants as soon as possible.

As I conclude this article, food for thought :where do you sit in this matrix? Take a pause and think about it. Thanks for reading this write up.

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